• Youth Ministry at Sugar Creek

    An oasis is a fertile spot in the desert where water can be found. The scripture that has inspired our name is Matthew 11:28. Here at Sugar Creek our goal is to teach students (6th-12th) that Jesus Christ is our oasis for living. We also strive to help each other student focus on the developing an early relationship with Christ, to give them a firm foundation of faith where they leave home for the first time, taking Christ with them. 

    We also strive to insure that your students feel safe. Our staff and volunteers follow Safe Sanctuary guide lines. Safe Sanctuary is an up and coming phrase in a lot of churches across America. Sugar Creek is proud to be one of them, my making sure that we have plenty of male and female volunteers when we meet, never allowing anyone of the opposite sex (student with student or student with volunteers) to be alone in a room or car. 

    For more information on Safe Sanctuary Click Here

  • Sunday Bible study 

    Our youth meet every Sunday morning at 9:30am. Even though our Jr. High (6th-8th) and Sr. High (9th-12th) students are broken up in to separate class rooms, they learn from the same lesson plan from the Grow Curriculum called "Thread." We have been studying out the Old Testament and New Testament interact with each other through out all of scripture.

    We also encourage all of our students to spend time in devotions during the week. Those devotions can be found bellow, each day of the week goes with the lesson from the previous Sunday, but they are still able to help your student grow closer to God if they happened to miss a Sunday.






  • Oasis Youth Group

    Oasis Youth Group is for all 6th-12th grade students. We meet Sunday nights, doors open at 5:30pm. Games start at 6pm followed by group discussions and small groups. 

    Our students also get opportunists to go out in to the community for fun like Skyzone nights, movie nights, state fairs and more. But we also look for chances to serve. So feel an eye out for our upcoming mission trip information! 

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