Why oasis? 

Welcome to Oasis! 

An oasis is a fertile spot in the desert where water can be found. Here at Sugar Creek our plan is to teach your students that Jesus Christ is our oasis for living! We all have struggles and will thirst and only Jesus Christ can satisfy us. (John 4:14) 

We are a place for beginning, becoming and belonging! We are here to build a Christ centered youth community by equipping parents, adults, and staff by offering contemporary programs that will lead students in to a deep commuted relationship with Jesus Christ. Matthew 11:28 says "come to me all who are weary and carrying heavy burdens, and I will give your rest." We are going to build a relationship with Jesus Christ together and learn how to use the Bible as a tool, to communicate, study and know who He is.

Monthly Newsletter

Click below to see everything that is going on this month. We have these newsletter sent out at the first Monday of every month. They are emailed, they are on our social media pages, and they are here just so you can be updated on the biggest events that are coming up each month. Its our way of helping you remember everything that we do while you are trying to keep up with your busy life as well! 

August Newsletter

Oasis News

  • Join us at 9:45 Sunday mornings

    Our Bible study is for 6th-12 grade students. We meet in the youth room at the end of the hall on the south side of the building, across from the bathrooms. 

    We are currently  studying "The Thread." Our students are traveling through the Old Testament stories and learning how to find Jesus in those scriptures. We also have daily devotions that go along with what we have been studying posted below! 

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  • Up coming events! 

    August 5th No Oasis

    August 12th Oasis will meet 4pm-6pm

    August 19th  Fall Kick Off Party 12:30pm-10pm

    August 26th  Oasis will meet 4pm-6pm

    September 2nd   Oasis will not meet-Labor Day Weekend

    September 9th Oasis will meet 4pm-6pm

    September 16th Oasis will meet 4pm-6pm

    September 23rd Oasis will meet 4pm-6pm

    September 30th Oasis will meet 4pm-6pm